Fiction Film

In this section, the short or full-length feature films tell the stories that are important to up-and-coming filmmakers from all around the world. The films draw their inspiration from current trends in filmmaking being either poignantly funny or epic in scope. In this section the prizes for Best Feature Film and Best Short Film Fiction are awarded.

Best Feature Film

Das melancholische Mädchen

26. September 15:00h in Fierce Fuchsia


25. September 18:00h in Melting Yellow

Best Short Film Fiction

Das beste Orchester der Welt

26. September 18:30h in Bold Beige

Human Resources of Ugago

26. September 18:00h in Busy Bronze

Documentary Film

In this section you can find films that feature a single snapshot in time, films presenting personal portraits, or films revealing a shocking investigation. Both the short and full-length films explore current issues and touching twists of fate in their larger contexts. In this section the prize for Best Documentary Film is awarded.

Best Documentary Film

Fortschritt im Tal der Ahnungslosen

24. September 12:00h in Flickering Silver

HAMBI - Der Kampf um den Hambacher Wald

25. September 20:00h in Resistant Green

Hide and Seek in a Peaceful Valley

26. September 12:30h in Unblemished Khaki

Los rugidos que alejan la tormenta

24. September 15:00h in Misty Grey

Nachts sind alle Katzen grau

25. September 15:00h in Rebellic Metallic

Genre Film

This section shows films that give you insight into other worlds, reviving the classic genres such as Sci-Fi, western, horror, thriller and fantasy. There is no limit to your creativity. Reach outside the limits of genre convention and breathe fresh air into them by thinking differently. Sehsüchte offers rich genre cinema for hungry popcorn-lovers.

Best Genre Film

Animated Film

From stop motion via animated cartoon through to CGI: Sehsüchte dedicates this section to the most inspiring animated works. In this section the prize for Best Animation Film is awarded.

Best Animation Film

Focus Production

Sehsüchte offers young film producers a large stage within the special section Focus Production. Here Sehsüchte sets a clear sign, since only few festivals in the world have a section for film production. In “Focus Production” you can take a look behind the scenes of film production. The achievements of students from German universities within the area of film and television production will be in the spotlight in this section. An outstanding film needs extraordinary production.
In this programme section films will be shown that, next to their viewing worth, impress with excellent organization and impressive financing. Next to the filmed end product, several production documents that offer a deep insight into the film production are the basis for the decision about who can shine on the Sehsüchte canvas. To honor the essential and challenging creative work of the producers, this section awards the prize Best Production.

Best Production


Since last year’s edition Sehsüchte explores the possibilities of visual storytelling with the new section “360°”. The audience experiences a new cinematic environment that is not limited to the big screen. Immersive storytelling creates potential for new stories and poses challenges for filmmakers, which makes it particularly interesting for newcomers to the film industry. This section awards the Best 360° Film.

Best 360° Film


This section of Sehsüchte features films for children from the age of six onwards and for young adults from the ages twelve and up. We present exciting, entertaining and unconventional short and feature film productions from different genres. Not only this particular target group, but people of all ages are cordially invited to join. However, the award winners will solely be selected by young judge. In this section the prize for Best Children Film and Best Youth Film will be awarded.

Best Youth Film (Teens)

Best Children Film (Kids)

Schreibsüchte / Screenplay (for projects written in German only)

Not as a pre-stage of the future film, but as its own piece of art – this category is all about innovative ideas brought to life by outstanding writing and narrative skills. Innovative stories that are brought to form through precise narrative craft have the chance to win award Best Screenplay. The nominated screenplays will be read out loud by professional dubbing actors at a scenic reading called “Kopfkino”.


The section “Retrospektive” has been a part of the festival since 2016, and is developed out of a cooperation with the master program “Film Cultural Heritage”. The programme’s material is mostly provided by the university’s very own large film archive, displaying the film university’s production history since the 1950ies up to today.
Not only does the program shed a light onto older films from the archive, but also presents their meaning and aesthetic experience in the programme’s bigger context.



Every year we offer both films from the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, which hosts the festival, as well as an international partner university the opportunity to present their most exciting or current films in this section. The programme will be presented outside the competition.

Showcase Israel Steve Tisch School of Film and TV

Showcase Filmuniversität

Exhibition: Beyond the Frame

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus measures the Exhibition Space remains closed this year.

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