Programme \ 25.04.2024 \ 12:00—14:00 \ Waschhaus Kino 2


We invite the audience to look at society from the outside: What does the point of view of a bee look like? And why are our social conventions actually so strange? Summer vibes and a wild ride await you in shock:therapy.

Wo die wilden Bienen wohnen (Where The Wild Bees Are)
Switzerland 2023 \ Documentary Short \ 10 min
Wo die wilden Bienen wohnen

Running for: Best Documentary Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Documentary Film

Various wild bees live solitary and peaceful in their nesting places, until mischief in the form of the farmed honey bee buzzes into their habitat.

Language: Without Dialogue


Director Pascal Kohler
Cinematographer Pascal Kohler
Editing Andri Erdin
Music Nina Marti
Sound Designer Tobias Preisig
Film School Zurich University of the Arts
Das Wunder von Hans und Rümana (The Marvel of Hans and Rümana)
Germany 2023 \ Fiction Film \ 78 min
Das Wunder von Hans und Rümana

Running for: Best Fiction Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Fiction Film

Hans and Rümana don’t fit into society, but they do fit together. At a summer party, they witness a tragedy. A surreal drama that denounces social conventions.

Language: German (English Subtitles)


Director Zaid Ghasib
Author Zaid Ghasib
Cast Michael Canz
Theo Colarusso
Helen Friedlein
Smilla Frieda Goeseke
Mirijam Verena Jeremic
Claudius Körber
Niklas Leifert
Emily Malou Scheven
Lucie Trittermann
Cinematographer Kevin Hartfiel
Editing Zaid Ghasib
Music Silver Apples
Zaid Ghasib
Sun Ra
Martin Rev
Producer Sophia Fischer
Zaid Ghasib
Sound Designer Zaid Ghasib

Content Notes

Contains mentions/depictions of: Child Death, Blood, Nudity, Body Fluids, Alcohol