Programme \ 25.04.2024 \ 19:30—21:30 \ Filmmuseum Potsdam

Retrospektive I – Winfried Glatzeder aus dem Archiv

Winfried Glatzeder’s early career as a star actor in the GDR is presented in a unique retrospective by two renowned film archives: the film archive of the Babelsberg Film University and the DEFA Foundation. The newly restored and accessible film versions of “Der weiße Mantel” and “Till Eulenspiegel” offer a special perspective on early GDR cinema with Glatzeder.

As guests we welcome actor Winfried Glatzeder and director Rainer Simon.

Der weiße Mantel (The white coat)
German Democratic Republic 1965 \ Short Film \ 13 min
Der weiße Mantel

Running for: Out of Competition

Winfried Glatzeder in his first film role, right after the start of his study at the Film University. As a young man in a white coat he finds himself dealing with the pitfalls of everyday life.

Language: Without Dialogue


Director Alfredo Calvimontes
Camera Alfredo Calvimontes
Till Eulenspiegel
German Democratic Republic 1974 \ Feature Film \ 104 min
Till Eulenspiegel

Running for: Out of Competition

The highly praised portrayal of the historic jester by Winfried Glatzeder counts as one of the masterpieces of DEFA Film. We show the restored edition.

Language: German


Director Rainer Simon
Camera Claus Neumann
Cast Winfried Glatzeder
Cox Habbema
Franciszek Pieczka
Eberhard Esche
Jürgen Gosch
Hans Teuscher
Walter Bechstein
Michael Gwisdek
Marylu Poolman
Horst Lebinsky
Costume Werner Bergemann
Editing Helga Gentz
Music Friedrich Goldmann
Producer Martin Sonnabend
Screenplay Rainer Simon
Jürgen Klauß
Sound Designer Klaus Tolstorf
Gerhard Ribbeck
Production Designer Gerhard Helwig