In response to the ongoing destruction of the planet by the anthrophogenic climate crisis, we are placing a focus on ecological sustainability for the first time for the 52nd Sehsüchte edition.

Even before this focus was officially set, sustainable decisions and considerations were already integrated into the structures of the festival. For example our festival merch has been produced under sustainable conditions for years. In order to continue these efforts, the structures of the Sehsüchte Festival were fundamentally reviewed with the help of the newly founded position of the sustainability manager and modified in many places in the interest of environmental protection. Such revisions concern, among other things, our transportation concept, food supply, the printing of advertising materials, and our use of materials.

However, we do not want to stop at a structural adjustment of the festival. Instead, sustainability topics will also be integrated into the festival program in terms of content. Sehsüchte thus becomes a catalyst for exchange on environmental protection and climate justice. Our goal is to position ecological sustainability in the long term both in the festival program and at the heart of festival production.