Programme \ 25.04.2024 \ 16:30—18:30 \ Waschhaus Kino 1

Special | changing:tides

Time and place are of particular importance in changing:tides. Three films tell three perspectives of people whose lives are shaped in different ways by distance and movement in certain periods of their lives.

صوتك بس (Your Voice Only)
Saudi Arabia 2023 \ Documentary Short \ 14 min
صوتك بس

Running for: Out of Competition

A young Sudanese guest worker is bound to a horse farm in Saudi Arabia. His smartphone is his most valuable device, as it’s the only connection to his family.

Language: Arabic (English Subtitles)


Director Rana Matar
Camera Rana Matar
Editing Rana Matar
Sound Mixer Yazeed Nazer
Re-recording Mixer Kenaz Alyamani
Ym Fida
Lina Matar
Blue, Woman, Dress
Germany, South Korea 2023 \ Documentary Short \ 20 min
Blue, Woman, Dress

Running for: Out of Competition

The photo of a woman in an accident affected generations in South Korea. A respectful essay that questions male gaze, reception and reproduction in the media.

Language: Korean (English Subtitles)


Director Jinhyun Kim
Editing Jinhyun Kim
Voice Jinhyun Kim
Film School Academy of Media Arts Cologne
I See Them Bloom
Germany 2023 \ Short Film \ 27 min
I See Them Bloom

Running for: Out of Competition

Two sisters from Ukraine flee from the war to Munich. Together, but emotionally very distant from each other, they try to adapt to their new life.

Language: English, German, Ukrainian, Russian (English Subtitles)


Director Mykyta Gibalenko
Cast Oleksandra Barstok
Vanessa Eckart
Julius Kastner
Maria Shtofa
Cinematographer Mirko Hans
Editing Mykyta Gibalenko
Producer Jennifer Drake
Liam Wölfer
Screenplay Mykyta Gibalenko
Lybaschenko Laura
Osman Sharyhan
Sound Designer Phillip Hütter
Composer Giovanni Berg
Mykyta Moiseiev

Content Notes

Contains mentions/depictions of: Refuge