Programme \ 25.04.2024 \ 14:30—16:30 \ Filmmuseum Potsdam


With time ticking against us and climate change threatening, we ask ourselves: is there any hope of saving our planet? Yet in the new generations lies the power for change. Discover their stubborn determination and courage in the film block time:out and become part of the story.

Pamiętnik Z Węgla (A Coal Diary)
Germany 2023 \ Animated Film \ 7 min
Pamiętnik Z Węgla

Running for: Best Animated Film

A former coal-fired power plant worker is confronted by his activist daughter and told that new ways must be found.

Language: Polish (English Subtitles)


Director Adrianna Wieczorek
Animation Sven Lindner
Berna Yildiz
Music Dolunay Gördüm
Narration Robert Talarczyk
Sound Designer Steffen Pfauth
Å Øve (Practice)
Germany, Norway 2023 \ Fiction Film \ 79 min
Å Øve

Running for: Best Fiction Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Fiction Film

Climate activist Trine is invited to an audition in Oslo, 1500 km away and she’s travelling without a plane. Can she count on the help of others?

Language: Norwegian (English Subtitles)


Director Laurens Pérol
Cast Kornelia Melsæter
Cinematographer Henrik Lande Andersen
Editing Sylvia Ingemarsdotter
Laurens Pérol
Lighting Thomas Lafuente
Haakon Midtsundstad
Music Astor Piazzolla
Producer Merete Korsberg
Screenplay Laurens Pérol
Sound Designer Rune Hansen
Denis Séchaud
Casting Director Katrin Vorderwülbecke
First Ad Emil E. Bråthen