50th Sehsüchte

International Student Film Festival
[21-25 July 2021]


From 21st to 25th July Sehsüchte will enter its fiery 50th round! The anniversary edition of the festival will take place online and offline.

The award winners

These are the winners of the 50th Sehsüchte edition!


„Divisive films are what make the programme interesting!”

The 50th anniversary edition of the Sehsüchte film festival is just around the corner. At the start of the festival, Nina Dekker and Philipp Eichel, coordinators of the main programme, provide an insight into their work and this year’s programme. First the hard facts: How many films from how many countries will be screened in this year’s programme? And how many submissions were there? Nina & Philipp: We have a total of 107 films from 35 countries in the programme,…


A search for traces

50 years of festival history. 50 years that have been more and less documented. On the occasion of the anniversary, Cansin Kuyuköy and Katharina Kauth have taken a comprehensive look at the history of the festival.

Sehsüchte Trailer

50th Sehsüchte Trailer 2021

This year’s Sehsüchte trailer offers a first taste of the upcoming programme!

Feature Film
Documentary Film
Genre Film
Animated Film
Focus Production
About us


A new team every year – we are Sehsüchte 2021!


Sehsüchte – a place for film students, film enthusiasts and established filmmakers.


In July 2021 Sehsüchte celebrates its 50th edition and therefore has a history rich in tradition.


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