Programme \ 28.04.2024 \ 14:00—16:00 \ T-Werk Potsdam

Shortlist | lens:scape

The lens:scape block shows different wonderful aesthetics and over 100 minutes of concentrated inspiration for your next mood board.

United States 2023 \ Short Film \ 16 min

Running for: Best Fiction Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Fiction Film

An ode to love. In poetic fragments, a composer remembers a lost affair with a singer, while music and lyricism explore their love and problems.

Language: English, German (English Subtitles)


Director Kenya Gillespie
Cast Joel DeCandio
Bryan Mittelstadt
Cinematographer John David Devirgiliis
Editing Kenya Gillespie
Music Kenya Gillespie
Producer Maggie M. Bailey
Edna Diaz
Kenya Gillespie
Arturo R. Jiménez
Screenplay Kenya Gillespie
Sound Designer Matt Lennon
Sparare alle Angurie (Shooting Watermelons)
Italy, United Kingdom 2023 \ Fiction Film \ 20 min
Sparare alle Angurie

Running for: Best Fiction Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Fiction Film

During a hot summer in Sardinia, Federico tries to be seen by his father, for whom he is not man enough. But the two are more alike than they thought.

Language: Italian, English (English Subtitles)


Director Antonio Donato
Cinematographer Sahil Kotwani
Editing Iacopo Calabrese
Antonio Donato
Music Tristan Clarke
Screenplay Paolo Carbone
Antonio Donato
Production Designer Anastasiya Mykhaylova
Son Pardos (Grey at night)
Spain 2023 \ Fiction Film \ 30 min
Son Pardos

Running for: Best Fiction Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Fiction Film

As an outsider, a wolf observes the people in the forests of Barcelona during their tender moments. But after a blood moon, the gates to humanity are open to him.

Language: Spanish, Catalan (English Subtitles)


Director Carlos Llaó
Cast Almudena Amor
Nacho Dura
Cinematographer Manuel G. Romero
Costume Tes Rosmeri
Editing Celeste Barria
Lighting Pau Mira
Music Marc Little
Producer Potrina Cònsul
Iris Irish
Screenplay Carlos Llaó
Sound Designer Daniel Miranda
Ignasi Puigdollers
Casting Director Marta Fuentes
Production Designer Clara Ako
Film School ESCAC (Film and Audiovisual School of Catalonia)

Content Notes

Contains mentions/depictions of: Nudity, Sexual Assault
Spain 2023 \ Short Film \ 17 min

Running for: Best Fiction Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Fiction Film

In a world where the dead walk lifelessly towards the sea, Helena has to decide whether she can finally let go of her daughter.

Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)


Director David Alesina
Cast Abril Borrás Camuñas
Cristina Gàmiz Caurin
Cinematographer Leonardo Portes
Costume Marta Marín Roca
Editing David Alesina
Germán Arcos
Music Xuezhou He
Screenplay David Alesina
Sound Designer Andrea Ballesteros
Art Director Ángel Campos Palacios
Film School ESCAC
getty abortions
Germany, Austria 2023 \ Documentary Short \ 22 min
getty abortions

Running for: Best Documentary Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Documentary Film

This desktop essay explores images that accompany reports about abortion. Whether it’s Teen Bravo or a regional paper – why isn’t anyone looking at the camera?

Language: German (English Subtitles)


Director Franzis Kabisch
Cinematographer Franzis Kabisch
Screenplay Franzis Kabisch
Sound Designer Franzis Kabisch
Katharina Pelosi
Laura Schick
Sound Mixer Azadeh Zandieh
I Remembered That I Have Free Will
Germany, United States 2023 \ Short Film \ 10 min
I Remembered That I Have Free Will

Running for: Best Fiction Film \ Outstanding Artistic Achievement in a Fiction Film

Raya rides the dating carousel, but no match lasts. One day she has had enough and breaks the social norms. Dating hustle and feminism with Barbie vibes.

Language: English (English Subtitles)


Director Miriam Lena Haspel
Cast Kimberly Borrero
August Broos
Mason Kelly
Katie Lever
Dylan Lorenzo
Kiara Pace
Vianca Camila Perez
Nia Rose
Christina Thanos
Cinematographer Anneka Bunnag
Costume Miriam Lena Haspel
Editing Pia Mozet
Graphic Creation Henry Boebst
Music Laura Adama
Screenplay Miriam Lena Haspel
Sound Designer Freya Siewert
Cäcilie Willkommen
Voice Julie Porlein
Production Designer Miriam Lena Haspel
Vfx Artist Valentin Bolte
Other Johannes Heller (Color Grading)
Film School Bauhaus Universität
Pratt Institute