Winners 2019

Best Feature Film: Tak sebe zima (Bad Bad Winter), Director: Olga Korotko

Somewhere in a winterly town in post-Soviet Kazakhstan, a young woman travels back into her past. Dinaras grandmother has died. Her cozy house is made of wood, filled with carpets, memorabilia, and a chest full of money. Soon, the past knocks on the doors. Director, producer and screenwriter Olga Korotko takes a simple scenario and turns it into a moral tale of Greek proportions in her mesmerizing feature film debut. Masterfully, she unfolds in her film an intimate play of justice and injustice, right and wrong, privilege and poverty, of honesty and corruption. The images of camerawoman Aigul Nurbulatova capture Dinaras environment with great care, clarity and detail: A figure in the snow, a potted flower, an ugly painting on a chair. Cut frames of interiors that soon turn into a prison, restricted views, and close-ups of a group of young adults who try to sort a moral and financial dilemma. Actress Tolganay Talgat, who plays Dinara, is a revelation. Her face hides more than it reveals and gives the audience a fascinating mix of depth and ambiguity. Just like the film’s drama, Talgat’s play is subtle and taken back at first, until a surprising metamorphosis awaits at the end. We salute Olga Korotkos BAD BAD WINTER as a great artistic achievement in all departments, as a clear, yet controversial comment and hope to see much more of her in the future.

Best Short Film Fiction: Gusanos de Seda (Silk Worms), Director: Carlos Villafaina

Very sensitive and with a subtle cinematography the winner film portraits the dangers of alienation. In a tender yet powerful way the director emphasizes the image of a lost childhood, which has a deep impact on the audience. The award for the BEST SHORT FILM FICTION goes to: SILK WORMS by Carlos Villafaina.

Best Documentary: სოციუმის პატიმარი (Prisoner of Society), Director: Rati Tsiteladze

Stylistically confident, unconventional and densely narrated this film tells the story about a dilemma: being born in a body in which you don’t feel comfortable. Through the usage of well placed artistic elements, the film presents the ambiguity of belonging to a certain gender. It can be compared to a firework: after a short moment the rush of lights is over – but a deep impact stays. The award for the BEST DOCUMENTARY goes to: PRISONER OF SOCIETY by Rati Tsiteladze.

Special Mention also goes to ET ARNAUD (And Arnaud), Director: Thomas Damas.

Best Production: Der Käpt’n (The Captain), Producers: Friederike Weykamp, Simona Weber & Benjamin Zerhau

We chose a film that deeply touched us with its honest humane story. It stays grounded and doesn’t need any gimmickry. We’d especially like to mention the outstanding achievement of the producers. The award for the category BEST PRODUCTION goes to: DER KÄPT’N by Friederike Weykamp, Simona Weber and Benjamin Zerhau.

Best Genre Film (Audience Award): 8:27, Director: Matthias Kreter

Best Animated Film: Good Intentions, Director: Anna Mantzaris

An overwhelming feeling of guilt as a consequence of a crime escalates in a true obsession. This stylistically original movie captures the audience’s attention though its love for detail and the poetic scenery of a puppet animation thriller. The award for the BEST ANIMATED FILM goes to: GOOD INTENTIONS by Anna Mantzaris.

Best Children’s Film: NÖ!, Director: Christian Kaufmann

Best Youth Film: Sisters, Director: Daphne Lücker

Best 360° Film: Fluchtpunkt (Vanishing Point), Director: Béla Baptiste

Our winning 360° film perfectly uses this medium to approach the story from two different perspectives. Even though the spectator has to follow on many parallel events, the director managed to develop a consistent storyline. The result is an extraordinary example for a parallel montage. The award for the category BEST 360°FILM goes to: FLUCHTPUNKT by Béla Baptiste.

Best Screenplay: Refugium, Author: Susann Schadebrodt

Our winning screenplay is atmospheric and densely narrated, consists of trenchant dialogues and has an irresistible, laconic humor. We would especially like to mention the detailed visual elaboration of the settings and the emotional affinity towards the protagonist. The award for the BEST SCREENPLAY goes to: REFUGIUM by Susann Schadebrodt.

Best Pitch: All Roads Lead To No Home, Idea: Afraa Batous

Authentic, emotional, captivating – that’s how one pitch in particular convinced us. A good story can give us a new percpective on a seemingly well-known topic, and this pitch succed in that in it’s very personal way. It tells a story of a journey away from a labled identity to a self-determined, positive self-image. Can refugees be tourists? We are curious to see what answer the film will find on its journey and give this years Best Pitch Award to the documentary film ALL ROADS LEAD TO NO HOME by Afraa Batous and producer Lorena Junghans. We want to encourage the filmmakers to trust in the personal power of the narrative and to place herself as a first-person narrator at the center of the story.

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