Winning Films 2020

On Sunday, September 27, 2020, the winners and winning films of the 49th International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte were announced at the awards ceremony.

Long Feature Film: LA PALOMA Y EL LOBO (2019, Mexico, Director: Carlos Lenin Treviño)

In LA PALOMA Y EL LOBO, the characters Paloma and Lobo are on the run from outbreaks of violence in their hometown. Through the power of their love, they try to find their way in the new situation. Driven by nostalgia and fear, Paloma wants to return, while Lobo is held back by a haunting memory.

There was also an honorable mention for DAS MELANCHOLISCHE MÄDCHEN (2019, Germany, Director: Susanne Heinrich), a film about research into our postmodern society.

Short Feature Film: THE LOST SCOT (2019, UK, Director: Julien Cornwall)

You can see three Englishmen, a Scot, a rifle – in the middle of nowhere. What can go wrong there? Dark British humor meets loads of rain, mud and misunderstanding.

Documentary: FONJA (2019, Madagascar, Director: Lina Zacher)

The action takes place in a youth prison in Madagascar. There the prisoners explore the medium of film in front of and behind the camera. The experimental project is more than the documentation of their everyday life behind bars; above all, it leads the young people to an examination of themselves.

The film PUBERTY (2019, Russia, Director: Elena Kondrateva) also received an honorable mention. This film is about a divorced midwife with four children. Between family and professional commitments, there is hardly any time for herself, let alone for her love life. An unadorned portrait of a mother and her children who openly share their needs.

Future Kids: O28 (2019, France, Director: Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle and Fabien Meyran)

In O28, a German couple experiences a rapid ride on the famous tram n ° 28 in Lisbon. After an unsuccessful switch change, the tram continues unabated. A wild rollercoaster ride begins.

Future Teens: RIO (2019, Russia, Director: Zhenia Kazankina)

In RIO, Paulina and Nadia work in a small, almost deserted hotel. Their imagination is their only way out of boring everyday life that allows them to travel to paradisiacal places and be whoever they want to be. The arrival of a new guest forces Paulina to question her life.

There was also an honorable mention for KOTIMATKA (2019, Finland, Director: Marika Harjusaari). The film is about one of the largest refugee camps in the world in which a family is longingly waiting to return to their homeland.

Focus Produktion: TRADING HAPPINESS (2019, Vietnam, Production: Pia Ti, Director: Duc Ngo Ngoc)

TRADING HAPPINESS is a graduation film from the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. In the film, the Vietnamese woman Nghi decides to marry her daughter Phuong to a foreign Chinese man in order to be able to pay debts. But then the bride disappears shortly after the wedding ceremony. Nghi has to decide what she is willing to give for the happiness of her family.

Animation: APFELMUS (2019, Austria, Director: Alexander Gratzer)

In the film, an existence-philosophical picture book presents in three chapters: two musing birds, an overqualified soldier duo and a melancholy couple of polar bears. Dialectically interwoven through the simple existence of a juicy apple.

360° Film: THE RAIN THAT IS FALLING NOW WAS ALSO FALLING BACK THEN (2019, Germany/Romania, Director: Christian Zipfel)

In THE RAIN THAT IS FALLING NOW WAS ALSO FALLING BACK THEN, the characters Manix, Cristian and Busluic sit in a Romanian prison on the external border of the EU. Time seems to be walled in between concrete and bars. The all-round view of the medium in this film seems somehow chained and locked in the narrow corridors, cells and courtyards.

Audience Award (Genre Film): BRÜCHE (2020, Germany, Director: Andrea Cazzaniga)

In BRÜCHE the characters Iris and Nicole go on a hiking holiday in Northern Germany and encounter dark secrets.

Screenplay: ZEIT DER MONSTER (2019, Germany, Jacob Hauptmann)

1914 shortly before the beginning of the First World War. With high hopes, the Calvinist nurse Elsa (19) begins her service in a remote infirmary in the German colony of Kamerun. But soon colonial monotony and everyday violence opens an abyss that throws her well-ordered world view into turmoil.

Pitch: PLATO (2020, Germany, Miriam Suad Bühler)

The big theories of ancient philosopher Plato transformed into fictional stories and set in modern times.

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