One day of the festival is dedicated to everything in television and film that happens before the shooting: With a competition and three events Schreibsüchte gives the festival audience the chance to meet young screenplay authors and their works, and to accompany them from their first idea to their extraordinary screenplay.

On the Schreibsüchte-Day the works of chosen up-and-coming authors will be presented to the festival audience and the job of screenplay author will be brought closer to the audience and participants by a well-known industry representative. The diverse program and the special atmosphere within the cinema on the Schreibsüchte-Day not only attracts and inspires specifically interested audiences, but also many people from Potsdam.


Pitch! – der Ideen-Wettkampf


The beginning of every Screenplay is a flaming idea. The section Pitch offers talented new authors the chance to realize their yet unfilmed film projects – whether feature film or documentary, tv series or show, up-and-coming authors can submit their ideas as exposés. The nominated authors then compete in front of an audience within the frame of the Schreibsüchte-Day. A group of professional judges evaluate the presentation live and elect the most promising project concept.  

Dramaturgy Live


In Dramaturgy Live we speak with successful and well-known German screenplay authors that will offer us insight into their work. In 2016 we welcomed the inventor and author of the popular ARD-series Weissensee as a guest of honor.




In cooperation with the Brilliant Voice® speaker agency the pre-chosen screenplays will be presented as an atmospheric and scenic reading within the Kopfkino. This will be an individual auditory experience for every member in audience. Chosen sections from screenplays will be staged by professional voice actors so that the characters come alive. Here voices and the accompanying live music create a unique sound cosmos. When the screenplays come alive in this way everyone hears the same story but has their own individual film in their mind.