Every year, the program of the International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte is themed differently. For the 47th edition we chose METAMORPHOSIS as our festival theme. . We want to focus on transformation processes that exist in every corner of our lives and that are represented especially in the film world. These can be found in the human biography, which is based on constant change as well as in the radical changes in society that are mirrored in topics and aesthetics of the medium film. In addition to that technological changes have had a great impact on the means of cinematographic expressions and the positioning of the cinema in the world of media as well.


Everything is changing – and so is our festival, as we start with a new team of students every year.
METAMORPHOSIS as our theme of the festival represents our claim to locate Sehsüchte in a world of fast change by means of specific innovations. Sehsüchte continues to stick to its concept of being a young Student Film Festival that provides a program to see the cinema as a mirror of an ever changing life.