[German: Sehsüchte; neologism generated of the words Sehnsucht (eng: longing) and sehen (eng: to view, to see)]

From April 25th until 29th 2018, the 47th International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte will take place in Babelsberg, Germany. As in previous years, Sehsüchte continues to stay true to its name and concept. Planned, organised and held by Master’s Degree students of the Media Studies Program at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, with the assistance of many students from other programs and faculties, Sehsüchte provides an exhilarating hub for international talents, film students as well as established filmmakers and fans alike.


The theatres of our media city, “Medienstadt Babelsberg”, screen new films directed by young talents from all around the world, whose works compete for eleven different awards. Since its formation, Sehsüchte has become a festival that should not be missed, and has turned into a firmly anchored experience in the cultural community of Brandenburg. The location Potsdam-Babelsberg creates a unique and special Sehsüchte atmosphere: German film history, current studio operations, student creativity and academic thirst for knowledge, all meet here.


Member of the film industry from all around the world have recognized Sehsüchte`s unique potential and regularly attend the festival.