Meet the Sehsüchte Jury 2021

Sehsüchte is awarding the Sehsüchte flame in 11 categories. We left the selection of the winners to a first-class jury, which met virtually in March.

Sehsüchte Jury

The Jury Weekend of the 50th Sehsüchte

The Jury Weekend at the end of March is a big Sehsüchte event every year – about a month before the festival takes place, the juries of the individual sections get together at the Film University, sift through the programme and choose a winner. This is always an exciting weekend for the entire Sehsüchte team – because it’s the first time the program is shown to an external audience.

After 2020, this year’s jury weekend also took place online in virtual form. From March 26-28, 22 jury members in five different juries sifted through this year’s programme and decided on the best films in blazing discussions. The films themselves found their way into the living rooms of our jurors in the form of digital folders, which were provided by the programme team. We stayed in touch through the whole process and met online to discuss the films.

From left to right: Sehsüchte team member Moritz Nehlich & Sara Rauschning, Feature Film juror Felix Binder, Luzie Loose and Svenja Böttger.

The Sehsüchte Jury 2021

The Jury/Guests department is responsible for assembling the juries for the main program (Feature Film, Animation and Documentary). The juries of the special programmes are requested by the programmes themselves. Each year Sehsüchte asks respected and successful filmmakers to take part in our jury. We are very grateful that the following people were willing to support this year’s Sehsüchte Jury and be part of the festival.  

The Feature Film Jury is composed of Svenja Böttger, Luzie Loose and Felix Binder.

In the documentary section, there is an award for the Best Short Film and the Best Feature Documentary. Here Kenneth Gyang, Leona Goldstein, Alice Agneskirchner and Yulia Lokshina decided on the two winning films.

The documentary film jury (from left to right): Yulia Lokshina, Sehsüchte team member Lena Steinbüchel, Leona Goldstein, Kenneth Gyang, Sehsüchte team member Sophie Glawe and juror Alice Agneskirchner.

In the Schreibsüchte, Lasse Scharpen, Verena Veihl and Karin Kaci selected the Best Screenplay and Lucas Schmidt, Stefan Titze and Janna Nandzik selected Best Pitch.

Schreibsüchte jury for Best Screenplay (from left to right:): Verena Veihl, Sehsüchte team member Saskia Bender,
Karin Kaçi and Lasse Scharpen.

Annegret Richter, Frédéric Schuld and Pia Hellenthal decided on the Best Animated Film, as well as Best Short Film.

From left to right: Sehsüchte team member Mimi and Alissa Dornier, juror Frédéric Schuld, Annegret Richter und Pia Hellenthal.

In the Focus Production section, Caroline von Senden, Murat Isgüder, Nadja Jumah, Mina Avramova and Björn Koll sat together and decided on the Best Production.

The Focus Production jury (from left to right):Nadja Jumah, Sehsüchte-Teammitglied Carla Zech, Murat Isgüder, Caroline von Senden, Mirna Avramova and Björn Koll.

The jury of the 360 degrees Film section consists of Loulia Isserlis, Julia Leeb and Tobias Wüstefeld. 

For our children and youth section Future, we asked children and teenagers from Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as young actors and actresses to decide on the Best Childrens Film and Best Teens Film. Here, the jury weekend has yet to take place.

In the kids section, actresses Amely Trinks (How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)) and Leonore von Berg (Vier zauberhafte Schwestern) will decide on the Best Children’s Film together with students Gemma Mues, Lydia Jahr and Anton Halten.

The Best Youth Film will be decided by Babylon Berlin actress Irene Böhm, Katharina Widl, known for the ZDF series Frühling, film enthusiast Justus Halten, as well as Marwin Haas and Nils Wolf, from the Disney TV cooking series An die Töpfe, fertig, lecker!

The winning films

Who will take home the coveted flames of our anniversary edition? That’s something we will keep to ourselves for the time being. The winners will be announced at the big award ceremony during the festival. So stay tuned, we can’t wait to tell you!