20:20 Vision

The programme of the International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte is held under a different motto every year. In this new year, our festival will be held under the motto 20:20 Vision.

In optometry, the term 20:20 vision describes the ability to see in clarity and sharpness. The 49th edition of the Sehsüchte Festival takes these attributes of seeing as its leitmotif and focuses on the future. Not only in the context of film design and film experience, but also in future politics, culture, society and the new technologies that have already influenced us and will continue to shape us. This year’s motto is therefore a call to everyone to look at things with an unbiased, unadulterated and lifelike view and to face them, whether as filmmaker, student or festival visitor. Our perspectives and our actions can make the visions for the coming years come true and thus decisively change our environment and ourselves.

20:20 Vision means satisfying the longing for thrilling stories and capturing the world in all its facets together. To face things with a clear view and to make them experienceable for others and for oneself, no matter how unique the perspectives are.

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